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March 30 2017


Study says best-looking politicians lean right, best-looking scholars lean left

According to research by Berggren, Jordahl and Poutvaara, in elections run in Australia, the European Union, Finland and the United States, right-leaning politicians are generally more attractive than left-leaning politicians. The current study by Professor Jan-Erik Lönnqvist shows that this applies specifically to politicians and does not mean that right-leaning people on the whole are more attractive.

A novel method that helps reducing noise problems produced by road traffic

Scientists from the universities of Granada (UGR) and Southampton (United Kingdom) have designed a new method to reduce noise problems caused by road traffic, one of the main environmental impacts of roads, and which has important effects on people's health and their physical and psychological well-being.

Samsung eyes rebound with Galaxy S8 phones, virtual assistant

Samsung on Wednesday unveiled its new Galaxy S8 smartphones, incorporating the virtual assistant Bixby, as the market leader seeks to rebound from a chaotic handset recall and a corruption scandal.

'Underwater wasteland' worries after cyclone hits Barrier Reef

A powerful cyclone that smashed into northeastern Australia could have caused further damage to the under-pressure Great Barrier Reef, turning parts into an "underwater wasteland", scientists warned Thursday.

Study: Early Americas girl 'Naia' may have been young mother

More details have emerged about one of the oldest sets of human remains found in the Americas, a young woman nicknamed "Naia" whose nearly complete skeleton was discovered in 2007 in a water-filled cave in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

Westinghouse's woes spotlight US nuclear sector's decline

Westinghouse's bankruptcy announcement cast a pall over the future of nuclear energy in the United States and comes as the Trump administration seeks to revive the coal industry.

SpaceX poised to launch first recycled rocket

SpaceX is poised to launch its first recycled rocket on Thursday, using a booster that sent food and supplies to the astronauts living at the International Space Station in April.

A faster single-pixel camera: New technique greatly reduces the number of exposures necessary for 'lensless imaging'

Compressed sensing is an exciting new computational technique for extracting large amounts of information from a signal. In one high-profile demonstration, for instance, researchers at Rice University built a camera that could produce 2-D images using only a single light sensor rather than the millions of light sensors found in a commodity camera.

Study finds that napping flies have higher resistance to deadly human pathogen

A new University of Maryland study has found that fruit flies genetically coded to take frequent naps had the strongest resistance to both a fungal infection and to a bacteria that the World Health Organization says is one of the world's most dangerous superbugs for humans.
Artist tries bizarre new feat: hatching chicken eggs 

When it comes to biological populations, expect the unexpected

Human beings are familiar with the idea of extreme events. Meteorologists keep us up to date on hurricanes, floods and high temperatures. Economists watch the stock market for signs of crashes or rallies. We spend a lot of time trying to better predict these events, yet are often surprised when they occur.
Report looks at participant volunteering as basis for evaluating pollution’s effects

Baidu’s Plan for Artificial Intelligence without Andrew Ng

The Chinese search giant lost the star leader of its AI lab last week, but the technology remains an essential long-term focus.
Gender-neutral people, a mermaid and a T. rex are among the 69 new emoji coming soon

March 29 2017


ALS linked to occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields

People who work as welders, sewing-machine operators, and aircraft pilots may be more likely to develop amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a motor neurone disease

New research into light particles challenges understanding of quantum theory

Scientists have discovered a new mechanism involved in the creation of paired light particles, which could have significant impact on the study of quantum physics.

Supercomputers Are Stocking Next Generation Drug Pipelines

Supercomputers Are Stocking Next Generation Drug Pipelines
A new model incorporates protein, drug, and clinical data to better predict which genes are most likely make proteins that drugs can bind to. The post Supercomputers Are Stocking Next Generation Drug Pipelines appeared first on WIRED.

Team highlights work on tuning block polymers for nanostructured systems

Block polymers, which are two or more polymer chains with different properties linked together, show great promise for many of these applications, and a research group has made significant strides in their development over the past several years.

Rover.com acquires Santa Monica dog-sitting start-up DogVacay, which couldn't keep up

Climate change's toll on mental health

When people think about climate change, they probably think first about its effects on the environment, and possibly on their physical health. But climate change also takes a significant toll on mental health, according to a new report.
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