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February 18 2014


February 17 2014

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February 16 2014

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February 15 2014

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February 14 2014


Concept work


Do you have a solid enough grasp on how the world works to understand the problem with this picture?

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February 13 2014


First Crop Circle in the Sky?


A strange S-shaped formation which appeared on weather bureau radar off the West Australian coast was not caused by cloud, the bureau says.

The shape was spotted on the weather bureau’s radar map on Wednesday about 30 kilometres west of Rottnest.

After checking the satellite, the bureau’s Neil Bennett ruled out the phenomenon being caused by cloud.

“There’s no cloud, there’s nothing to produce a rain echo, … which we do see a lot, but not this particular shape,” he said.

“They don’t take on S shapes and things like that.

“The radar that we use are there for the detection of precipitation, it’s basically just a beam going out and hitting the rain droplets or ice particles from hail.

“Sometimes the beam itself rather than going straight it gets bent back to earth and you start to pick up reflections from the ocean, rather than rain droplets.”

The ABC has asked the Department of Defence whether there are military operations off the coast which may interfere with radar activity.

The department is yet to comment.

The WA Weather Group has seized on the photo and retweeted it to their followers.

“Nice that our pet #RottNessMonster has avoided the shark baits. Her name is Susan & she likes to eat plankton,” the group tweeted.

“And I, for one, welcome our new giant sea serpent overlords,” Perth Sunrise Prints tweeted.


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February 08 2014


A flasher with intestines growing from face?

20140207-200847.jpgAuthorities in Portland, Oregon, now have a sketch of the man they say has exposed himself to women and children on the streets for the past month. And something is wrong, terribly wrong, with his face.


A mask?

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February 07 2014


Town attacked by mountain of tumbleweeds, residents trapped in homes

20140206-184319.jpgA New Mexico town is covered in 8 to 9-foot piles of tumbleweed thanks to days of high desert winds blowing in the roaming bushes.

Homeowners in Clovis say the tumbleweeds just started flowing in on Sunday like ‘herds of cow’ and have since buried homes and even trapped residents in their houses.

Even longtime Clovis residents say they’ve never seen anything like it.



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February 02 2014


Puma In Kitchen Surprises Woman At Breakfast

Puma in kitchen in Santiago, ChilePuma in kitchen in Santiago, ChilePuma in kitchen in Santiago, Chile

A woman got a shock when she went downstairs, started making breakfast and found a puma roaming around in her kitchen.

Amalin Haddad screamed as she made the startling discovery in the family home in the Lo Curro area of Santiago, Chile.

At first, she thought it was a dog but then realised it was a puma and promptly locked it in the kitchen before calling authorities.

Ms Haddad’s son, Nicolas Selma, said he was awoken by his mother’s screams and went down to see what was happening.

The two-year-old big cat did not attack either of them, or their dog, but footage showed it chewing on a window blind which ended up ripped apart on the floor. Furniture was also damaged.

Ms Haddad said: “I was making breakfast and all of a sudden … I thought it was a dog because I saw its legs first, but it was a puma. A puma, a puma like those you see in the zoo.”

Her son told reporters: “I was sleeping when all of a sudden I heard screams, ‘It’s a puma!’ I came down and we really had a puma locked in the kitchen.”

The cat was then shot with tranquiliser darts by experts but it reportedly managed to take them out.

And it took them a while to remove the animal from the kitchen after it was eventually sedated.

Police said the animal was well cared for. It was probably a pet that had either escaped or was released into the wild and was trying to get home when it came across the Haddad house, they said.

.. The puma was taken to the national zoo where it was treated for minor injuries.

Officials have not said what will happen with the animal once it has recovered from its adventure.

via Puma In Kitchen Surprises Woman At Breakfast.

Amazing video here of the Santiago kitchen Puma eating some kitchen blinds. The Santiago kitchen Puma is awesome. Totally demolished a chair too. Sorry it took so many darts to get you out of there, Puma, and let’s hope you get a nice new home.

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January 28 2014


Revolutionary Analysis Unlocking Mysteries of 500-Year-Old Voynich Manuscript + Comparison to Roswell Script

In the 100th issue of its quarterly, peer-reviewed journal, HerbalGram, the nonprofit American Botanical Council published a feature that may change the course of research on an approximately 500-year-old, illuminated text known as the Voynich Manuscript. Written in a curious language that is yet un-deciphered, the enigma of the Voynich has puzzled scholars and mystery enthusiasts since its 1912 discovery by Polish book collector Wilfrid M. Voynich.

This manuscript, now housed at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University, has elicited enormous interest, resulting in numerous books and Internet sites with no conclusive resolution on the manuscript’s origin. Even the US National Security Agency has taken an interest in its cryptic contents, and doctoral theses have been written on attempts to decipher the language of the Voynich Manuscript.

HerbalGram‘s feature article by Arthur O. Tucker, PhD, and Rexford H. Talbert, titled “A Preliminary Analysis of the Botany, Zoology, and Mineralogy of the Voynich Manuscript,” is based on a unique, investigative approach to understanding the strange manuscript. Past researchers have attempted to prove that the manuscript was a product of Europe, mainly because it was discovered in Italy, but also because they believed a European language to be hidden in the writing system of the text. Other theorists proposed Asian origins based on the premise that cloaked Chinese characters existed within syllabary of the Voynich Manuscript. As with many of humankind’s most enduring mysteries, aliens have been implicated as well.

Dr. Tucker — botanist,emeritus professor, and co-director of the Claude E. Phillips Herbariumat Delaware State University — and Mr. Talbert, a retired information technologist formerly employed by the US Department of Defense and NASA, decided to look first at the botanical illustrations in the Voynich Manuscript and compare them to the world’s geographic plant distribution at the time of the manuscript’s first recorded appearance (ca. 1576-1612). The similarities between a plant illustrated in the Voynich Manuscript and the soap plant depicted in the 1552 Codex Cruz-Badianusof Mexico— considered the first medical text written in the New World — propelled the authors down a path leading to the identification of 37 plants, 6 animals, and 1 mineral in the manuscript from the Americas — specifically, from post-Conquest Nueva España (New Spain) and the surrounding regions.

In identifying the plants, animals, and minerals, the authors of the HerbalGramarticle found more compelling evidence to support their theory. They write, “A search of the surviving codices and manuscripts from Nueva España in the 16th century reveals the calligraphy of the Voynich Ms. to be similar to the Codex Osuna (1563-1566, Mexico City). Loan-words for the plant and animal names have been identified from Classical Nahuatl, Spanish, Taino, and Mixtec” — references to some of the native languages of Mexico prior to the Spanish Conquest. The majority of the text, the authors propose, is an extinct dialect, keeping much of the Voynich Manuscript’s secrets intact…for now.

“Although the Voynich is clearly not the most pressing issue in modern herbal medicine and phytotherapy, we believed we could not pass up the opportunity to publish Art Tucker and Rex Talbert’s insightful essay in which they propose a New World origin for the source and identity of the plants in the Voynich — possibly providing a breakthrough in this historical conundrum,” wrote Mark Blumenthal,HerbalGram editor-in-chief and ABC founder and executive director, in his Dear Reader editorial column in the same issue ofHerbalGram.

“Long thought a mystery, written in an untranslatable…cipher,” he continued, “the Voynich has been the subject of almost countless essays and investigations, none of which has been able to ‘crack the code.’”

The article has garnered positive responses from several experts in the fields of botany and ethnobotany.

Wendy Applequist, PhD, the associate curator of the Missouri Botanical Garden’s William L. Brown Center, said “Numerous failed attempts to crack the code of the Voynich Manuscript have focused on linguistics and cryptography. Tucker and Talbert have focused on its botany and, surprisingly but plausibly, identified many of the plants depicted as New World taxa.

“At minimum,” Dr. Applequist continued, “this offers new leads for decipherment efforts; ultimately, if text relating to Central American ethnobotany can be retrieved from the manuscript, its historical significance will be extraordinary.”

“Dr. Arthur Tucker has made a breakthrough in the interpretation of the Voynich Manuscript,” stated Jules Janick, PhD, James Troop Distinguished Professor in Horticulture at Purdue University. “He has demonstrated to my satisfaction that it contains images based on Mexican flora and fauna. Clearly horticultural information has provided a smoking gun. The education of the Aztec elite by various Spanish priests in ‘colleges’ in the 16th century provides a plausible narrative for the creation of this manuscript.

“While names of various plants have been identified in Nahuatl, the main text still remains to be deciphered, but I am optimistic,” added Dr. Janick.

As ethnobotanist, author, and Amazon Conservation Team Executive Director Mark Plotkin, PhD, noted, “Tucker and Talbert have produced an analysis both intriguing and insightful which solves one of the ultimate ethnobotanical cold cases!” …


You know what would be mind blowing? This: Has anyone checked to see if the “hieroglyphics” on the Roswell wreckage match characters in the Voynich Manuscript? I guess the government has all the wreckage. I’ve only seen sketches of the symbols and those came from Major Jesse Marcel’s memory. Plus, what we are seeing from Marcel may have been doctored. Check out the two images above. On the left is the recollection of the writing on the Roswell UFO wreckage, the one on the right is the Voynich script.

Dr. Aurther Tucker is just saying that there seems to be an Aztec connection. Let me be clear that I added the two images above. They are not part of the work of Dr. Tucker.

I, Xeno, taking full responsibility for throwing Roswell into this. This is my own wild irresponsible leap into another dimension… but compare the two yourself: Roswell and Voynich scripts. I see a lot of similarities: some figure 8′s, exclamation like symbols, four leaf clovers… It is like the Roswell writing is a modern version of the 500 year old script. Spooky!

Are we sharing our world with intelligent aliens? Snowden would probably know. According to William Cooper the NSA was formed from a group that made contact with aliens on earth. That may just be a story, but if anyone would know the truth about aliens, the NSA sure would, since they have had everything bugged for so long.

Disclaimer in case I’m right: I have no physical evidence. I have not handled or seen the real Roswell wreckage. I didn’t get this idea from anyone. It just came to be because I was listening to old tapes of Roswell interviews and then there was this news story. I’m not asking for a visit from the Men in Black, m’kay? ;-)

I’m not saying its aliens, but …

January 27 2014


Royal Caribbean cruise to end early; more than 600 sick

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship Explorer of the Seas will return to New Jersey two days early after more than 600 people were sickened by a fast-moving gut bug that spiked over the weekend.

At least 564 passengers and 47 crew members have reported symptoms of a possible norovirus outbreak since the 10-day cruise to the U.S. Virgin Islands launched on Tuesday, an official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Sunday.

The Explorer of the Seas is carrying 3,050 passengers and 1,165 crew members. The cruise departed Tuesday from Cape Liberty, N.J., with plans for stops in San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Maarten.

Some people on the ship have recovered after illnesses in the first days of the cruise, but Royal Caribbean Cruise Line officials said Sunday that the disruptions caused by the wave of sickness meant they were “unable to deliver the vacation our guests were expecting,” and consultation with medical experts prompted an early return…


Welcome to a new level of sea sick.

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January 24 2014


Dolphins Steal The Show In US Surf Contest

A pod of dolphins have shown their competitive spirit by joining a group of more than 200 surfers in California’s Rincon Classic competition.The surprise entrants drew cheers from the crowd as they joined the line-up at the contest in Santa Barbara, South California.Hundreds of spectators looked on as the pod of at least a dozen dolphins entered the contest area, coming within feet of some of the competitors. While dolphins are relatively common in the area, it is rare they approach surfers.More than 200 people took part in the event on Sunday.Founded in 1979, the annual competition attracts some of the most talented names in local surfing.It takes place between mid-January and late February when the waves are expected to be at their best.

via Dolphins Steal The Show In US Surf Contest.

January 18 2014


Thor attacks Jesus in Rio, damages a thumb

A vicious lightning strike from the heavens hurt Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue during an electrical storm on Thursday night.

The 125-foot-tall figure that presides over the Brazilian city had its right thumb damaged when a lightning bolt struck its outstretched hand.

Father Omar, of The Archdiocese of Rio, who manages the shrine that holds the statue, said that the icon, which sits atop the 2000-foot Corcovado mountain, is frequently hit by lightning during storms.

The middle finger of the right hand was also chipped by lightning last month.


January 15 2014


Sherlock Holmes And The Expiring Copyright

Beloved sleuth Sherlock Holmes has stumbled onto a new conundrum: A federal judge in Chicago recently ruled that the characters in Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories — including Holmes and his partner, Dr. John Watson — now reside in the public domain.

That means anyone who wants to write new material about the characters no longer needs to seek permission or pay license fees to the Doyle estate. That is, as long as you don’t include any elements introduced in the last 10 Sherlock Holmes stories released in the U.S. after 1922.

“Those stories remain in copyright in the United States,” explains Leslie Klinger, editor of The Annotated Sherlock Holmes. “And the copyrights will be expiring over the next eight years.”

Klinger filed a civil complaint against the Doyle estate in spring of 2013. He argued the defining characteristics of the Sherlock Holmes series can be found in the first 50 novels and stories now in the public domain.

Just because the last 10 stories are currently protected by copyright law, Klinger argues, does not mean you should be subject to fees.

“Even though some of the same characteristics also appear in the copyrighted stories — For example, the names, the fact that Holmes and Watson live in Baker Street with Mrs. Hudson and so on — and the court agreed,” says Klinger.

The Doyle estate plans to appeal the decision, says Doyle attorney William Zieske.

“What we’ll be arguing is that a character, particularly a literary character, really does not become entirely formed until the author has put down his pen and finished with the last story that develops that character,” Zieske says.

Unless a judge overturns the ruling, elements of the Sherlock Holmes character are now both licensed property of the Doyle estate and in the public domain.

It’s not elementary, my dear Watson. It’s copyright law.

via Sherlock Holmes And The Expiring Copyright: It’s Public Domain, Dear Watson : NPR.

January 14 2014


Mind-Blowing Video of Blue Lava Pouring Out of Indonesian Volcano


There are plenty of natural treasures hidden away in the most unsuspecting places on Earth. One of them is an Indonesian sulfur mine, Kawah Ijen, that produces stunning, spectral blue lava. The images of this mine are so breathtaking, I could just stare at them for hours.

Kawah Ijen is a part of the Ijen volcano complex – a group of stratovolcanoes in East Java, Indonesia – with an active crater that’s 200 meters deep. The complex is also home to the world’s largest turquoise-colored acidic lake, full of sulfuric acid. The lake is a sulfur mining site; miners carry sulfur-laden baskets by hand from the crater floor.

The miners work at night to double their meagre income, but they don’t have to worry about the dark. Kawah Ijen, an ordinary rocky crater by day, transforms into a stunning display of electric blue light at night.

via Mind-Blowing Video of Blue Lava Pouring Out of Indonesian Volcano – disinformation.

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