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November 20 2013


Researchers use CT, 3D printers to recreate fossils

Data from computed tomography (CT) scans can be used with three-dimensional (3-D) printers to make accurate copies of fossilized bones, according to new research published online in the journal...

August 19 2013


Marathon bombing victims aided by rapid response, imaging of injuries

The Boston Marathon bombing brought international attention back to the devastating effects of terrorism. There were numerous victims with severe injuries that needed immediate attention. A novel...

July 07 2013


Sugar makes cancer light-up in MRI scanners

A new technique for detecting cancer by imaging the consumption of sugar with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been unveiled by UCL scientists. The breakthrough could provide a safer and simpler...

February 03 2012


For better mammogram readings, direct the gaze

WASHINGTON U.-ST. LOUIS (US) — A new technique called “subtle gaze direction” could lower the learning curve for reading mammograms, researchers say.

In 2011—to the consternation of many women—a systematic review of randomized clinical trials showed that routine mammography was of little value to younger women at average or low risk of breast cancer.

August 03 2011


Why popular mammogram tool fails

UC DAVIS (US) — A commonly used mammogram diagnostic tool known as CAD does a poor job of identifying breast tumors, a large study finds. Computer-aided detection (CAD) appears to increase a woman’s risk of being called back needlessly for additional testing following mammography, according to an analysis of 1.6 million mammograms in seven states. [...]

May 27 2011


Tinted lenses clear migraine pain

MICHIGAN STATE (US) — By normalizing activity in the brain’s visual cortex, precision-tinted lenses are able to ease the often debilitating pain experienced by migraine sufferers. The visual cortex is located at the back of the brain and is responsible for processing visual information. As part of a new study, published in the journal Cephalalgia, [...]

January 12 2011


Customer representatives mean increased efficiency in radiology

Adding customer service representatives to a computerized radiology workflow management system means improved patient and referring physician satisfaction and increased radiologist efficiency, an...

December 14 2010


Y-90 radioembolization offers promise for late-stage liver cancer

INDIANAPOLIS -- The latest weapon against inoperable liver cancer is so tiny that it takes millions of them per treatment, but according to interventional radiologists at the Indiana University...

April 30 2010


Chromosome caps no match for UV

Telomeres—the repeat sequences of DNA at the end of chromosomes that act like plastic tips at the end of a shoelace—are much more likely to be damaged by UV radiation than are other common cellular structures. “This damage is not repaired. It is as if the cell has decided to defer maintenance to the telomeres,” [...]

February 18 2010


‘Cat’ scan without anesthesia

The top half of the VetMouseTrap—developed by University of Illinois veterinary radiologist Robert O’Brien—lifts off, like the top of a pet carrier. A small animal is placed inside the chamber, and has room to lie down in a comfortable position, allowing the animal to remain calm and still enough to get the scan done on [...]
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